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RANGER is a specialist valve provider with a history of excellent service, high-quality valve products, and favorable economics. RANGER believes that it will ultimately be successful if its customers and partners are successful, ensuring both the viability and longevity of their operations, as well as their financial success. Our value proposition is anchored in the capabilities of our employees and partners and is visible in the consistency of our high-quality products, industry-leading delivery times, and outstanding service.

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Product Overview

RANGER is a specialized supplier of API 6D, API 600, API 6A, and API 16C valves and flow control components, including industrial valves and wellhead equipment. RANGER also manufactures a wide range of specialty valves for a variety of applications and industries. RANGER’s products are field tested and specified by a range of international as well as regional end users, engineering companies, and construction companies.

CS Gate Valves

Valve Range

An overview of RANGER’s wide range of valves by generic category. For a more specific listing, please click here.

Ball Valve Floating Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, Fully Welded Ball Valve, Top Entry Ball Valve
Gate Valve Slab Gate Valve, Wedge Gate Valve, Pressure Seal Gate Valve
Globe Valve Pressure Seal Globe Valve, Bellow Seal Globe Valve, Throttle Valve
Check Valve Swing Check Valve, Nozzle Check Valve, Wafer Check Valve,
Pressure Seal Check Valve
Plug Valve Pressure Balance Plug Valve, Lubricated Plug Valve, Twin Plug Valve
Butterfly Valve Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Cryogenic Valve Cryogenic Ball Valve, Cryogenic Gate Valve, Cryogenic Globe Valve, Cryogenic Butterfly Valve, Cryogenic Check Valve
API 6A Product API6A Ball, Gate, Globe, Choke, Check valves, Mud valve, Manifold, Christmas Tree Wellhead Equipment

SS Ball Valves

Trim, Seats & Seals

RANGER manufactures a wide range of trims, seats and seals in accordance with design standards.

Trim Material A105 + ENP, LF2 + ENP, F304, F316, F51, F55
Seat & Seal Material
Resilient sealing: TFE, RPFE, PEEK, Nylon, PCTFE, Molon, Devlon, Delrin
Metal sealing: Stellite, 13 Cr, Inconel, Monel
Trim #1 #8 #5 #2 #10 #12 #9
Seal Facing 13 Cr 13 Cr/STL STL 304 316 316/STL Monel
Stem 13 Cr 13 Cr 13 Cr 304 316 316 Monel

Check Valve

Mid & Downstream Products

Key standards and product information for oil and natural gas pipelines.

Size & Pressure Range
CLASS 150-600: 1/2”- 60”
CLASS 900-1500: 1/2”- 32”
CLASS 2500: 1/2”-24”
Casting Material WCB,LCB, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M, C95500, 4A, 5A, Inconel 825/625
Forging Material A105, LF2, F11, F12, F304, F321, F347, F316, 304L, 316L, C61900, F51, F53, F55, Inconel

API 6A Upstream

Upstream Products

Overview of products manufactured for wellhead applications.

Standard API 6A/API 16C and other relevant specs
Size & Pressure Range 1-1/16”(46mm)~ 13-5/8”(350mm)
2,000 psi – 15,000 psi
Casting Material A487 4C,A487 Gr9,CA-15 , etc.
Forging Material AISI 4130, AISI 4135, AISI 4140, AISI 1040, AISI 1045, 410SS, 17-4PH, Inconel 718, Inconel 625

Industries Served

RANGER products serve a wide-range of industries and applications including oil and gas, LNG and cryogenics, refining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline and transmission, as well as other general industry.

Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

RANGER provides a wide range of API 6D, API 6A and API 600
valves specifically designed for oil and gas industry.
Refining and Petrochemical

Refining, Chemical & Petrochemical

RANGER produces a complete line of specialty valves in a wide range of materials including titanium, monel, hasteloy, and others.
Transmission and Pipeline

Pipeline & Transmission

RANGER supplies a complete range of API 6D ball valves, plug valves, and through conduit gate valves (including both slab and expanding gate valves)
LNG and Cryogenics

LNG & Cryogenics

RANGER offers a complete valve line for liquified gases, LNG and extreme low temperature applications.
Power and Steam

Power & Steam

RANGER can supply both low and high pressure, high temperature applications, including steam applications.
Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper

RANGER offers a wide assortment of valve products for hot water, steam, oxygen, chlorine, or liquor services.
Metals and Mining

Mining & Metals

RANGER produces capable valve products for difficult slurry, tailings, acid gas, isolation, or process gas applications.
General Industrial

General Industrial

RANGER provides a wide assortment of valve products for a range of industry applications.