API 6A Choke and Mud Valves

API 6A Choke and Mud Valves

Model: E-L500 Mud valve

Working medium

  • Petroleum, natural gas, slurry, including H2S, CO2 gas

Design Features

  • Sized in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″
  • Working pressure 2000 PSI to 7500 PSI
  • Operating temperature -46℃ to 121℃ (LU Grade)
  • The valve seat and the vulcanization of rubber as a whole, provide for convenient installation and repair
  • Double screw drive, the valve open and close rapidly
  • Reliable seal, long service life
  • Connection: flange type, union type, screw type, welded type


Product Spec Level

  • PSL 1~4

Performance Requirement

  • PR1~2