API 6A Globe Valves

API 6A Globe Valves

Model: E-L100 Globe valve

Working Medium

  • Petroleum, natural gas, slurry, including H2S, CO2 gas

Design Features

  • Sizes from 2-1/16” to 9” (52mm to 230mm)
  • 2,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI
  • Operating temperature -46℃ to 121℃ (LU Grade)
  • Seat and disc sealing surface in hard surfacing alloy, to improve the erosion resistance of the valve, prolong the service life of the valve
  • metal sealing between valve seat and disc, valve body and the valve cover
  • Outside screw and yoke, showing the open/close position clearly
  • The stem threads do not contact with the medium, avoid medium corrosion to the thread
  • Small torque, reliable sealing.


Product Spec Level

  • PSL1~4

Performance Requirement

  • PR1~2